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one word

I’ve found that #OneWord365 works extremely well as an alternate form of making resolutions – you choose one word to frame your year.  You make decisions using your word as a filter…I’ve picked the same word that I had last year: HOPE. I’ve added to that “Be Brave: Do things that scare you”.  These two connected themes will help me frame and colour my year. “hey jacke!!” – paula boardman, in response to “life minus landmark moments”

thanks for the reply, paula.  i loved it.  your honesty, openness, and above all hope are refreshing and encouraging.

so let’s revisit what i said yesterday…

i’ve been looking over my last post, and i can see myself writing it, as it were, with one hand over my eyes and one hand at the keyboard.  in speaking about the frustration of introspection, i have been able to avoid introspection.  i’ve seem some fantastic posts on resolutions and desires (paula’s and dev’s stand out in particular) and the whole argument of everything “seeming too much” to handle for the sake of giving up on annual introspection…well that just seems like a cop-out on my part.

i know i can analyze and seek to learn from this last year.  i just…don’t really want to, because the last few months have felt dizzying. volatile. almost insane.  sorting through what was and what is will take some time.  “i’d rather forget and not slow down”, as put by the magnificent band relient k.  but i am going to take that word brave and stick it on my phone and take heart to do the work to figure it out.  because i need to remember that a open-hearted daily journey takes bravery, and that’s scary, but that’s okay.

i suppose that’s my one word: bravery.  god, please grant me more of it.

thanks again, paula, for the excellent thoughts, and to you all for reading.  drop me a line any time. 🙂

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