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the reason I am alive

I am alive to experience a relationship with God, which I was given as a gift I couldn't earn.

I believe in the existence of God. I have personally experienced His presence - it was like a wave of peace that washed over me when I was alone, afraid, and desperate for help. He met me when no one else was with me, and human comfort / encouragement couldn't help.

I believe in Jehovah, the God of Christianity and Judaism, because of Jesus - I'm convinced that it's a historical fact that Jesus was born, died, and resurrected from the dead around 30 AD. That validates what Jesus said about himself, that he was Jehovah "in the flesh", and that Jehovah is God, because who but God could come back from death?

As stated by Jesus and Paul the Apostle in the Bible, I believe that we don't have a right to a relationship with Jehovah on our own merit. Why? Because Jehovah is pure and holy, and each one of us has chosen to go our own way and rebel against Him. This is the source of evil in our world - us choosing to go against the divine order. Some of these acts of rebellion are obvious: lying, lust, betrayal, pride.

Good and evil can't "shake hands", so to speak, tolerating each others' presence, or else the "good" is no longer any good. It's the same with a totally good God and a wicked man like me. After death, the end for me as a result of my rebellion is total separation from Jehovah's presence. Since Jehovah is the source of all of the goodness, community, comfort, and joy that I experience here, an eternity without him is unimaginably horrible!

Knowing this, I don't rely upon my own good intentions or best efforts to give me the right to know Jehovah, have a relationship with Him, or be in his presence after I die. Instead, I rely upon Jesus, who died in my place for my wickedness, to make it as if I had never done wrong - to buy my divine forgiveness!

I am humbled and so thankful to have been given a spot at the table with Jehovah - there's nothing I could or can do to afford it or be "worth it"! The only reason I have the place that I do is from Jehovah's love for me.

I believe that this is reality, not just a matter of opinion. Thus, with humility and a reliance on Jehovah's power, not my own, I want everyone to have the same conviction I do and have the same restored relationship with Jehovah that I do, by acknowledging that Jesus is Jehovah, the one and only God, and believing that God raised him from the dead, trusting in Him to forgive and pay for my wickedness, and make me right with God.

Thank you, Jesus!

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